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N+M Studio & àut Studio presentano Hypotenuse Collection

Una collezione di sedute che omaggia Pitagora, fondatore di una delle più importanti scuole di pensiero dell’antichità: la scuola pitagorica di Crotone.
Dalla collaborazione tra i designer di N+M Studio e Aut Studio nasce così Hypotenuse Collection: una serie esclusiva di poltrone e un coffe table disegnati per la Milano Design Week 2019 e ispirate agli elementi pitagorici.

àut studio proposes a draping-like high rise building in new york city

as the heartbeat changes according to the emotions, so the facade of àut studio’s newly proposed super-tall building in new york narrows and expands depending on the functions. from the tranquility of the hotel in the upper part to the ‘tachycardia’ of the public space on the ground.

edited by: apostolos costarangos | designboom

àut studio drapes quarry with sculptural over-top for bathing center in italy

àut studio‘s suspended structure above the quarry covers — but does not cross out — the existing steps, keeping their natural form and creating an ‘in between’ space that is neither internal or external. the surface of the site is designed by projecting the lines of force that manifest themselves in the form of two ridges on the roof, and as two incisions on the rock face. the latter embraces the distribution systems, stairs and elevators that connect the two entry points.

edited by: lea zeitoun | designboom

siracosion lighthouse hotel for young architects competition

designed by àut studio, ‘siroccosion lighthouse hotel’ is his entry for the YAC- young architects competitions that asked to transform lighthouses into tourism and accommodation facilities. the creative began defining the concept by understanding that this space is the place where the greek structure of ortygia and the roman cardo-decumanus system are meld together with the nature of the cliff, creating a tension between the finite and the infinite.