designed by italian architect vincenzo stile, ‘siroccosion lighthouse hotel’ is his entry for the YAC- young architects competitions that asked to transform lighthouses into tourism and accommodation facilities. the creative began defining the concept by understanding that this space is the place where the greek structure of ortygia and the roman cardo-decumanus system are meld together with the nature of the cliff, creating a tension between the finite and the infinite.

view from the sea




as rocks eroded with time, the syracusans established morphological relationships with the site, searching for the deep value of its genius loci, greek proportions and sicilian colors. with this, vincenzo stile proposes a contemporary lighthouse with a podium where divinity meets the human. the light-emitting tower is incorporated into the plaque that contains the program, offering the privacy of a retired and contemplative life. as this slow blends towards the core of the piazza, public life is also embraced.

view from the roof

exploded view

siracosion’s program

edited by: juliana neira | designboom

vincenzo stile’s siracosion lighthouse hotel for young architects competition